Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
New Found Love

Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
Wish for Summer

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its finally Summer

Blue Skies and Sunny Days! Yes we finally have summer in the Pacific Northwest!
I'm enjoying spinning on my patio and knitting under a tree. 
This weekend is the "Black Sheep Gathering" in Eugene. I can hardly wait for Friday. I plan to go over to the BSG and hang out with my Wheel and knitting. 
I can smell the sheep now!  The colors and smells are the most wonderful reason to be there. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The last time I blogged was on Easter. Wow! 
I'm so glad that I have my faith, at Easter it felt as if I had been through yet another journey. I had just been through yet another job, that was difficult and trying. I was questioning my career and feeling rather burned out. 
Today I am back on the rolls of unemployment. Do I feel bad about that? No.... Not at all! In fact I am looking at this as a time to heal. I'm going to take the time to look at what really matters and what would be the best way to accomplish it!
Right now my goal: Spend way too much time with my family! They will get tired of seeing me and hearing from me. I love it! They will too, they just don't know it yet. I plan to clean out a few rooms so I can paint and clean the carpets. Think I'll even have a big garage sale. 
Will my family get tired of me hanging around? I hope so.

Pacific Northwest Shawl, Yarn from Textiles A Mano, "Lanita"
Oh, did I say there will be Knitting and Spinning as well :>)

Pacific Northwest Shawl ( Textiles A Mano yarn "Lanita") & Larch Shawl (Crazy Zauberball)