Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
New Found Love

Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
Wish for Summer

Friday, December 30, 2011

This was the Year 2011! I can hardly believe that we are looking at an end to it. 2011 started out with promise of a better year than 2010 for my family. My husband finally got a job after almost 3 years of unemployment. I finally got a permanent job after almost a year of working temp jobs here and there. My oldest son finally got a job and is working on saving enough money to move out and become his own person. WOW!!! What a year of transition for us. 
My middle son is working towards having full time work and transitioning as an adult with Aspergers. 
My twin sons, well... They are about to turn 18! They are both full of hope and dreams. On the cusp of graduating from high school and getting ready to spread their wings of independence.
Oh, to be that young again. They are both wanting to go into nursing. So they look and plan for college and think about where they want to go to school for 4 years.  I gently talk to them about the financial reality of out of state tuition. I know that where ever they go to school they will do very well. 
Through all this I need to relax and know that God will bring it all together in the end. I pray for peace in my heart to just let God take control. Its hard to be a control freak and let God do it all! 
So I knit and spin..... This helps me re-focus. 
Happy New Year 2012! I ask you to be a good one for my family. As always I will start out with a positive attitude about you. Please forgive me if I get a bit grumpy in the middle of it, or have to say I hate you. You know that in the end I will always look back and realize that you have forced me to grow and change for the best. I know that I will have learned a few things along the way. See you in just a few short days 2012!!!!!  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October is in Full Swing!

My what was referred to as a shed, now it is "The Cottage"
October is here and it seems even though the weather has been warm and pleasant that the Oregon Fall is upon us.
My Bold New House Color! "Goose Bay"
I've accomplished the goal of being amongst the employed again! This time I believe that I have found the job I've been waiting for. Thank you Jesus! I have prayed for this. I've known this lady for the past 15 years. I've kept in touch over the years, just that the opportunity wasn't available to me to work for her. I feel so fortunate right now. 
I'm working three days a week with a few four days a week here and there. I'm good with that!
Now I can settle down and enjoy my family and home with out worry. I haven't won the lottery, but the sense of relief of employment is amazing. My stress has reduced significantly. 
This month my knitting project has been a cardigan that I will modify to have 3/4 length sleeves. I found the pattern on Raverly and have looked at it over the years. It's the "Tappan Zee Cardigan." I'm using Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend in the amazing colors from Textiles A Mano ( Laura ) beautiful dying. Her art form of dying is so wonderful. Not to mention the fiber itself is fantastic to work with. The yarn is called "Bonita". 

Last I do have to say we painted the house! I'm so very happy with it! Yes, it's bright and No, I don't care what the neighbors think! hehehe! I feel like we have up lifted our souls when we drive into the drive way JOY! 
Tappan Zee Cardigan, "Bonita" Alpaca/Merino/Silk 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall? Really??

It's Fall! Yes!? But its almost 100 degrees out! Whats up with Global Warming???
Ok well here in Eugene, its HOT! Good thing that I have air conditioning, so I can knit and spin at will.
I have been able to finish my shawl from the Mystery KAL of Stephen West, Earth & Sky. I used all of my hand-spun yarn. I used a mixture of Abstract Fibers Alpaca and Silk, Dicentra's fiber of merino and tussah and a beautiful braid of merino and silk blend from Laura at Textiles A Mano here in Eugene.
I'm really very happy with how it all turn out. I do have to say that I may be changing the bind off, as it's too tight and doesn't drape as I had hoped it would. Laura suggested I use the Orenburg Lace bind off which is designed to be very loose and drapey for a shawl. 
I'm going to enjoy Fall. Seems that Summer took a very long time to come to us this year. I got a job, so I'm working 3 days a week for now. We are preparing to paint our house, so this will fill all the other days. I really hoped to have had more time before going back to work. However I have learned to follow what comes my way. This is where I will be for now. 
My twins have just started their senior year in high school with hope of a shinning future on their minds. I sure wish I had that kind of energy again!
I really must say that I am starting Fall with peace in my heart, feel fear is far away. I'm happy with how my Summer has happened. Joy is all around me in all that I see and do. I thank my friends who are numerous and kind, for their support and love through all I do. 
On to Fall we go!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

July Has Gone! Oh My Its August!!

Slouchy Little Hat
Where on earth has the time gone!? I can't even believe that it's already August and my poor Blog has been ignored.
June and July just blew past me. June was cold and rainy here in Eugene and July wasn't looking much better until the last few weeks came to an end. It has taken way too long for Summer to find us in Eugene. 
The sun has been amazing for about a week here. My strawberries and raspberries are finally starting to appear. 
My New Jenkins Turkish Spindle & Mohair Locks
I have been spinning and knitting outside every day. In fact I have a chair that is in the perfect spot so I can see my little garden and watch the birds flitter around me. When I'm needing a knitting or spinning break I'm not worried about a rain cloud raining on my knitting or wheel. It just sits there all day long waiting for me to give it the attention it needs. 
Oh how I love this feeling of endless Summer! 
Spinning during the Tour<> Spinning Alpaca/Silk!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its finally Summer

Blue Skies and Sunny Days! Yes we finally have summer in the Pacific Northwest!
I'm enjoying spinning on my patio and knitting under a tree. 
This weekend is the "Black Sheep Gathering" in Eugene. I can hardly wait for Friday. I plan to go over to the BSG and hang out with my Wheel and knitting. 
I can smell the sheep now!  The colors and smells are the most wonderful reason to be there. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The last time I blogged was on Easter. Wow! 
I'm so glad that I have my faith, at Easter it felt as if I had been through yet another journey. I had just been through yet another job, that was difficult and trying. I was questioning my career and feeling rather burned out. 
Today I am back on the rolls of unemployment. Do I feel bad about that? No.... Not at all! In fact I am looking at this as a time to heal. I'm going to take the time to look at what really matters and what would be the best way to accomplish it!
Right now my goal: Spend way too much time with my family! They will get tired of seeing me and hearing from me. I love it! They will too, they just don't know it yet. I plan to clean out a few rooms so I can paint and clean the carpets. Think I'll even have a big garage sale. 
Will my family get tired of me hanging around? I hope so.

Pacific Northwest Shawl, Yarn from Textiles A Mano, "Lanita"
Oh, did I say there will be Knitting and Spinning as well :>)

Pacific Northwest Shawl ( Textiles A Mano yarn "Lanita") & Larch Shawl (Crazy Zauberball) 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

"Jesus Christ is Risen today.... Alleluia, Alleluia!!!!! " Oh how I love that song! It make me cry every time I sing it ! 
Just the thought that Jesus gave his life to save ME! Wow! 
My prayer is that I keep my head in the clouds with Jesus no matter what is going on in my life. There are days that are very difficult. I have to remember who is with me at all times. JESUS, MY SAVIOR 
Happy Easter

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Faith Journey

My Dad & Mom<><><>Two of the most amazing people I know<><><>
They always have walked in Faith

I have just been hired for the job of my life time. I have worked in dentistry for the last 35 plus years. I really felt like when I started this journey of looking for work, that I had reached "burn out". Now I feel like I have revived my feelings that I can go forth in the same field. I have found a employer who has passion and compassion like no other that I have ever seen. She respects me as a professional as well as respecting her patients. I feel so encouraged.
My husband started a new job that he is happy and encouraged that he has finally found a positive environment to work in. He's not making the money he was almost 3 years ago, but the positive rebuild that has to take place will be the best in time. Thus our 
"Faith Journey".
These last 9 months have been a "Faith Journey" for me and my family. When I think about 9 months, I think about being pregnant, and how long that felt to me as the months went by, as I became more and more uncomfortable and anxious. 
This has truly been uncomfortable and as the time went by and I was really becoming anxious! This time it was not about giving birth and how I would feel and what would I feel. But it was all about 5 other people that now were counting on me to support them. 
I was becoming creative about paying the bills and making our resources go further. No one ever asked for extra's. If they wanted it they went out and mowed a lawn, or dug a ditch to finance it. They too were becoming creative with our resource's. 
We have been on a journey together as a family. I have worked temporary jobs here and there  and unemployment in-between. My husband has kept the family together as he has looked for a job for the last 2 1/2 years! Even though it has been hard for him to be 
home, he has created a bond with the boys that he would never have been able to get if he had been working.
We have prayed through some of the hardest of days, weeks, months, and years of our life. I truly believe God has been with us every step of the way. I know just a fraction of how Jesus felt on His journey of Faith. We are in the the season of Lent. I have felt as if my season of Lent has been for years. Not just a short season. 
I look forward to celebrating Easter this year more than ever! 
Thank you God for sending us your Son to show us the way to "Life Everlasting".  JOY! PEACE!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knitting my first Shawl

Zauberball " Larch" Shawl
I've been working on knitting my first shawl. I just finished it about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I knit the "Larch" shawlette, which can be found on Raverly. My reason for taking this on was to get some practice knitting a pattern with a chart. I'm so proud of myself! I made mistakes and got off a bit as anyone can see. :) There is what my husband calls a "dragon tail twist" going on at the end of the triangle. I told him that it makes my shawl unique to me and my style! I used Zauberball sock yarn. The color is really more pinks, and purples. I haven't blocked it yet and am really thinking about not doing it. I love the rufflyness of it unblocked.
Now I feel almost ready for the "Pacific Northwest Shawl" but not quite.... I'm working on "Cedar Leaf" with some of my beautiful handspun that was given to me for Christmas by one of my son's.
Merino, Yak, Silk
I really can hardly wait to finish that and see the results of the hands-on.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is the day I was born to John and Darlene Dobson. I was born on a day that it was truly Spring in Eugene, Oregon. I'm told it           snowed, sleeted, rained, and the sun shone. I was born at 5:00pm, as my Dad always said at dinner time! How rude! However I think that my birth was a thrill to my Daddy, as I was and am his only daughter. I'm his little POOPSIE.... Now not every one knows that he calls me that. So don't be passing it around :). I had a big brother to greet me when I was brought home to Baxter Street. Of course that was only after my Mom was kept a mandatory 5 days in the hospital. I'm told   that she was very happy to get out of that place. Too many women      screaming and fussing when they were in labor. Just too noisy! Haha   I'm sure my Mom is reliving my birth story as I type. She is very good at birthday parties about telling her children and grand children about their birth stories. As she always says, every one has a birthday story and every one deserves to know it. I love my Mommy!                                                                        
I think thats funny. Times have really changed now!                          
At 53 years old, I really don't feel much different other than my        joints aren't as limber as they were even a year ago. Yes I still dye    my hair, if I didn't it would most likely be a very dull gray with         streaks of brown. I really hate to think of that! I'm still raising my      twins so as long as I have children under 20 years of age, I will be      dyeing my hair!                                                                                      
I'm sure that today will be like any other day for me. I work, I have lunch, I work, I come home.... Only that I intend to take an extra     long time tonight taking a bath and soaking in the fact that I am one year older with a glass of wine. Cheers to me on this lovely day in March that I call my BIRTH - DAY!!!!!!                                           

Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby its Cold Out There!!!!

Friday, no work, no swim meet! Just me my needles and my spinning wheel and a hot Cup o' Joe... AHHHH Life is good. The sky is blue, it's 34* out side and I really don't know what the wind chill is. The wind has been blowing the snow around all day. Weather man says its going to dip down to 14* tonight.
My heart is full of sunshine and joy to have my needles in my hands. I'm finishing my little shawlette that I have been working on since before Christmas. Next big project on the horizon is the  Pacific Northwest Shawl as a KAL with friends at Textiles A Mano. I'm so excited to get started on that in May!
My Little Garden Birds all Frozen Over

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oregon 5A State Champion!

Now that the State Swim meet is over, my plan Spin and Knit!
My boys just swam the most amazing state meet ever! Luke didn't final, but he left everything he had in that pool! He swam the 200 and 500 Freestyle in the Prelims, he placed 10th and 8th respectively. We are so proud of he perseverance and sportsmanship! 
He is amazing! He PR'd for both events.
Cameron did final for Saturdays final races. He swam the 200 IM and placed 5th overall, he swam the 100 Breaststroke and placed 1st in the State for 5A. He is just flying high. He broke a team record for both events and PR'd in both! Amazing kid as well!
Needless to say we are very proud of the twins, now on to Spring training for them. They both have the goal of swimming on the Oregon Zone team in races in California. August 2011.
My Twin Sons! Cameron and Luke 17 years old

Mt Hood Community College competition Bubble

There it is! Cameron Lindsey! Almost broke the State time. So funny Camero....
Right now I have so many knitting and spinning projects to finish and plan to start the " Pacific Northwest Shawl" in May as a KAL with my Wednesday night knitting group at Textiles A Mano. I have my yarn, now I need to buy and read the pattern, get the right needles and start in May! I'm really excited to begin.

Sunday, February 13, 2011




Luke>> in the middle, blond fuzzy hair

Cameron and Luke 17 years old, my twins
These last two weeks have been dedicated to High School Swimming! My twins just swam district and now we head to State. They were on the bubble in 2 of their relays and now both relays are heading to State! Cameron is seeded 1st in the 100 Breast Stroke, and 3rd in 200 IM. Luke is seeded 8th in the 500 Freestyle and 10th in the 200 Freestyle! I'm so amazingly proud! Now on to State next weekend in Portland. Prelims on Friday and then depending on how they do, they will swim finals on Saturday. So needless to say my spinning and knitting have taken a 2 week break on the weekends. I still try and do at least an hour in the evenings before I fall over exhausted! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Oscar Meyer WienerMobile Adventure

I usually try and keep my posts to comments about knitting, spinning and some family stuff. Please forgive me today as this is all about a Wiener Mobile.
We were told by our very good friends that the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile would be in our area this week. Knowing the reaction that my strange and delightful teenage boys would have, we knew we had to take on this awesome adventure!
As soon as swim practice was over, in fact a bit early because Cameron told the coach that they had to leave early because of a church function! They drove over to the local Fred Meyer to view the greatness of a wiener! The Wiener Mobile turned off the freeway right in front of them! Oh my goodness! I was driving behind them and watch them yelling and jerking around like a bunch of 2 year olds! ( they are 17!)
We followed to the Fred Meyer parking lot and the boys were the first to arrive right behind that wiener! They were so happy to finally meet their dream... The biggest wiener in the world... Ok, ok one of 6. 
The rest is history... they got to sit ShotBun in the wiener and even got to get their own wiener whistle! Oh the joy of being a teenage boy with a wiener whistle!
Back to the lie that was told to the swim coach about leaving early for church.... Well coach found out from someone where they were going, first thing he said was I'm going to check out this "church"... he arrived and BUSTED the boys. He had a great sense of humor about it asking "Well, were are the free hot dogs? I'm hungry!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Proud Momma Bear

This is my proud Momma moment! Please put up with me today!
Please click on the link and read the article about my twin boys. On January 18th, 2011. We couldn't be more proud of them!

Prep swimming: North's Lindseys want repeat of twin titlesThe North brothers swim different events but have same results

They are fraternal twins, not identical, and that helps explain why Cameron Lindsey is the Midwestern League champion in the 200-yard individual medley and 100 …

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spinning and Chloee Kitty

chloee and the happy spinner :)
Our Kitty Chloee has decided today that she must sit in my lap while I spin! She's funny, she goes through stages of strangeness... today its sitting in my lap as I spin. My son took the picture for me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all my dear friends! 
As this first day of the New Year begins, I have given much thought of how I would like to see it begin and end for me.
These last few years have been hard for my family with unemployment stress. We have learned to live a more simple life with teenagers. That is not easy, as the financial demands are many in this day of technology for them. School demands require more use of technology, which requires having computers that are in good working order. We have spent a lot of energy making sure the boys have the right tools to complete their education properly.Thus that part of simple living has had to go forward. SIGH!
The best part of this last year was seeing my sweet son Daniel graduate from high school. That was a major step in our life and his as well. Watching him become a working part of the community and become a better man has been amazing for us.
My sweet twin sons start out the new year for us with their birthday! This year they turn 17 on January 2nd. Its amazing that we have come so far in raising such amazing children. This is their Junior year in high school so they are beginning to think about how they may want to live their lives as independent adults. That has been fun to be in on those discussions.
My oldest sweet son has had his own challenges in becoming an adult at 22 years old. He goes back and forth trying to make the right decisions for his own direction in life. The biggest decision this year was to finally buy a car. He was tired of riding his bike in the cold drizzle of Eugene to work and back home in the dark. He had to make the decision of buying a car or moving out on his own. I know that was a tough one for him and he would have liked to have had both. I'm proud of him, he paid cash for his car and paid cash for his first 6 months of insurance! Now he can save to move out.
My husband still looks for work daily. Its been a long 2 1/2 years for him. I know God will open a door soon. Thats why I think this has got to be our year!
I continue to work a temp job in Veneta that may or may not be over with at the end of January.... Time will tell. I pray that I continue to work as long as they need me and more.
I intend to continue to do more of my knitting and spinning, thus my source of relaxation....
God has blessed my family in so many ways this past year. We have remained strong and maintained our dignity in the face of hard times. Our family has love and promise to be better people every day. 
My wish is to end 2011 better than how we started. As a family we can help others with kindness and compassion. We will make it happen!