Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
New Found Love

Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
Wish for Summer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well it's almost Thanksgiving.... I keep hearing my co-workers and friends talking about Christmas shopping!!! It just seems so absurd to be thinking so early about Christmas of all things!!! I am still not over Summer>>>> I so love Summer>>>> The nights are getting cold and it's nice to snuggle into the down comforter at night. But you know Summer is so serene and warm. I love how the sun feels on my skin and the warmth of the evening from a hot day. I like the changing of the seasons but I miss the warmth of Summer. II think I'm close to starting back to school. I now have the dilemma of a start date. November 18th or January 3rd,2010.... Oh the angst of making decisions of an adult 51 year old woman. I think of how busy this time of year is, and if I should start so soon before I'm sure about funding? The questions of this life some times make me think about wether it's that important at this moment or just to take it one day at a time. I start to question my decision when I finally have time to think. The time to think is early in the morning before the house becomes awake and full of noise and movement. I'm sure I will decide soon. I just don't like the feeling of hurry... I already have enough of that at work and home. This all may seem like a lot of rambling, but rambling helps you make choices that are difficult. II think my decision is made........ I'll tell later. Make the weekend a fabulous one. Be Strong, Be Bold, Trust Jesus>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's November!!!!

Hello to the folks who read my blog!!! I've decided that I most likely am the only one that does... This however is a great way to keep track of my life for me. I can hardly believe that we are close to Thanksgiving. We will have the troops here again this year. Life is busy and I have been thinking about going back to school. I have looked into Colorado Tech online school. I just applied for my FAFSA so we will see how I stand on finances with it all. It just makes sense right now to try and make myself more marketable. I am working full time as a dental assistant but my body is beginning to rebel against the rigors of the high stress. I'm looking into Medical insurance coding. We shall see.... Oh well on to bigger and better things! SPIN AND KNIT,SPIN AND KNIT

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to Fall!!! This has been a busy one, the boys started back to high school as busy as ever. The twins are playing water polo, Dan is working very hard on his senior paper ( " Teaching Young Children to swim"). John well at 21 he's still living at home going to school part time and doing theater. He's just wrapping Rocky Horror Picture Show. He needs a job! And yes it's time to move out! David has been unemployed for the last year! Me... I'm working my tail off and thinking about going back to school to make myself more marketable, only because the dentist I work for is getting ready to retire and sell his practice. It would be good for me to push forward at 51 years old and prove that I'm good at more than just sling'n spit...... I just took up spinning though and love it! I constantly need to prove to myself that I'm good at more than just the daily hard work and being a Mom! Happy Fall