Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
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Friday, December 30, 2011

This was the Year 2011! I can hardly believe that we are looking at an end to it. 2011 started out with promise of a better year than 2010 for my family. My husband finally got a job after almost 3 years of unemployment. I finally got a permanent job after almost a year of working temp jobs here and there. My oldest son finally got a job and is working on saving enough money to move out and become his own person. WOW!!! What a year of transition for us. 
My middle son is working towards having full time work and transitioning as an adult with Aspergers. 
My twin sons, well... They are about to turn 18! They are both full of hope and dreams. On the cusp of graduating from high school and getting ready to spread their wings of independence.
Oh, to be that young again. They are both wanting to go into nursing. So they look and plan for college and think about where they want to go to school for 4 years.  I gently talk to them about the financial reality of out of state tuition. I know that where ever they go to school they will do very well. 
Through all this I need to relax and know that God will bring it all together in the end. I pray for peace in my heart to just let God take control. Its hard to be a control freak and let God do it all! 
So I knit and spin..... This helps me re-focus. 
Happy New Year 2012! I ask you to be a good one for my family. As always I will start out with a positive attitude about you. Please forgive me if I get a bit grumpy in the middle of it, or have to say I hate you. You know that in the end I will always look back and realize that you have forced me to grow and change for the best. I know that I will have learned a few things along the way. See you in just a few short days 2012!!!!!