Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
New Found Love

Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
Wish for Summer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend and a Job!

Well when you pray for something that you really know you need make sure you understand that GOD is the one in charge! Because this week my prayers were answered.... Not how I wanted but how GOD wanted I'm really sure of it! 
I was called Sunday night to work a temp job in a dental office for 2 months. I started on Tuesday. 
I was happy to have it and understood that it was only for 2 months due to the fact that the assistant broke her leg and would be out for that amount of time. I was good with that, but didn't know anything about this office. 
Well I really think this lady broke her leg on purpose!
This office works 10 hour days with very little time in the day to even go pee! They schedule an hour for lunch, not sure why because I have yet to even get a full hour, not to mention even 15 mins.! They work a long morning and don't even schedule a break until 1:00. I can work with that.... NOT! The first day I got 30 minutes all day! The second day I got 15 minutes at 2:00!!! I had worked a straight 6 hours with no break! My hands were shaking and my brain was fuzzy. My bladder was bulging! This is insane!!!! 
OK enough GOD! I prayed for a job, any job... I'm not afraid to work hard and never say no.... What the heck are you trying to teach me here???? I am now praying for this woman's leg to heal fast! 
I drive round trip over 30 miles to do this job. I don't mind the drive its a pretty one. I do mind these insane hours! All I can think of is home, shower, bed. My family really misses me and I miss them. 
So my prayers are... Dear God, please give me the strength to do this job for the next 2 months and help this lady's leg to heal fast! Help me understand what you are teaching me... but please teach me fast, because I'm too old to work like this. I promise I will listen even if I'm too tired to answer back. Thank You GOD! Love Tammie. AMEN>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Prayers

I've been working on more new spinning. I'm working on a new fiber I've never spun before. It's Polwarth, and beautiful!!!!  It's like spinning butter. I also have been working in tufts of angora (Bunny Fur ) as I go. What will I make???? A prayer shawl. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have a friend who is hosting a workshop in December on knitting prayer shawls. She has several patterns. The idea is to knit one for some one who needs comfort in some way. They may have a health issue or just daily struggles with life. 
I really love the idea. I decided to spin my fiber for this project and pray as I spin. It feels so peaceful as I work. I'm not sure who will receive the shawl, but its cool to think about how much love will be put into the fibers. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home Spun, Happy Birthday Mom 10/10/10

Batt from Uniquely Yours

Beautiful Swatch :)

BFL/Tussah Silk

Birthday Cake!!!

Amazing! I just made my first custom Yarn !!

Working on Mom's Birthday Yarn

In honor of my Mom, I have spun her a birthday yarn. Her birthday is Sunday 10/10/10!!! She will be a young 75 years old. So I have spun her favorite colors. She loves the Reds, Oranges, Golds, and Greens. I have combined a beautiful combination of fibers just for her! I spun BFL/Tussah Silk in a fantastic orange/copper fiber from Dicentra Designs, then I received a mystery batt from an online SAL ( Uniquely Yours) they are on Raverly. Her batt contained a mixture of greens, yellows, rusts, and golds, with a bit of purple. It is made up of Merino/Romney,Mohair,BFL/Suffolk X, Nylon, Acrylic, Bamboo,Tencel, Silk Noil and Angelina fibers!!! 
I know thats a lot!!!! I wasn't sure what I would end up with but its fantastic!!!! 
2 ply, Sport weight, I knit a swatch so she could see it better, ok it was for me too!!! I was dyeing to check it out! 
Happy Birthday Momma!!! I love you, Love your crazy spinning knitting daughter :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working Interview

Well yesterday was the first time I have worked since June 30th! I did what we call a working interview in the dental field. 
I have to say that the day I spent in this office was probably the least stressful work day I have had in years!!! 
They had a gal there that did all the sterilization and clean up! Oh my goodness was I spoiled by the end of the day! Have to say my legs and feet did not hurt at the end of the day and I didn't feel like I had roller skates on all day. 
I believe God is Good! I really am praying that they will hire me. 
Its between me and another lady that has work as a fill in for them so they wanted to give her first choice. I think thats nice of them. She may not take it due to the fact she lives 20 miles from the office. From my drive way it's 11 1/2 miles. Nice country drive. The office is located in a little scandinavian town. The building is a cute little house nicely redone and decorated. Its very homey and cozy. Its set in a nice little neighborhood across from a park.
So now the thing to do is pray, pray, pray! 
Other good thing is I will have knitting time! They work M,T,Th,F.Wednesday nights are my knitting group night, woohoo!
Like I said GOD IS GOOD :)