Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Working Hard

These last few weeks have been intense. I have still been working as a dental assistant in Veneta, about a 33 mile round trip trek every day. 
I'm so grateful for the work, yet I'm so tired at night that my head is spinning in circles!
I still am only getting about 30 minutes a day for lunch and no other breaks, unless I run at top speed to the bathroom down the hall. The dentist is very nice, yet very intense. Don't think he is thinking any one gets a break!
At this point I know that I can count on work until the end of January 2011. His long time assistant cant come back to work until that time, and even then who knows. She was hurt pretty bad, I really feel sorry for her the more I have learned. She broke her leg in 4 places and now is recovering from surgery, as they had to place pins, posts and who knows what else to put her together again!
Thus I have found little time to knit or spin unless its on the weekends. My new focus right now is hats for my boys for Christmas. I have a lot of hands-on which I know they would love to have in a hat :) 
So I have been plowing through that as I can.
Today I plan to knit and spin and watch the Oregon Ducks win another football game! "I Love My Ducks!"
Making of a Hat 
My Sweet son Daniel and I we did Pumpkins together
Tomorrow the boys swim team cleans the stadium, so thats where I will be with them. Sweeping and shoveling up game day old food and muck! Sure hope it doesn't rain tonight. That makes it really mucky....... Still love the Ducks, just not the fans that make the mess..........

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ChelleC said...

Well the work sounds really busy - but I'm sure the dentist office feels lucky to have you while their regular lady recuperates. Your pumpkin cutting looks fun