Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Knitting and Spinning

Fall is here! Today it will be about 85 degrees in Eugene... Imagine that! Fall?? How strange. Last night I sat on my deck and spinning in the warm air until dark. It was joyful. I have the next 5 days off of work to enjoy the last days of Summer and be reminded that Fall is just sneaking in the back door. I plan to knit and spin as much as I can out side.

Raspberry Silk on my Turkish
I'm working on a lovely pattern from the new Sock Report called Marigold. I'm knitting it in a Zauberball, which  is a green/black/gold coloring. Maybe I'll take a nap or two as well...


ChelleC said...

Oh I LOVE your Turkish spindle and the yarn you are spinning on it. What vendor did you buy it from? Your yarn is simply lovely.

The photo your son took at the top of the blog is amazing. He clearly is has a photographic talent. Chelle

HattieMae said...

My spindle is a Jenkins Swan. I got it at The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene several years ago. They do have an online shop that is fun to look at and of course buy from :=) Its http://www.yarntools.com
Jenkins Wood Works. They have a really cute little spindle called a Kuchulu, that would be my next one to buy. They also have a site on Raverly. The fiber I'm spinning in the picture is silk from Abstract Fibers. I see your still weaving. Beautiful work!!! I'm thinking about that being my next step.... I just need to save the money I would like to buy a Baby Wolf.... $$$$ I also need to take a lesson or two. Have a beautiful day! Tammie