Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose
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Friday, September 10, 2010

School Has started!

Well School has officially started! I realized its Friday! The twins are 16 and Juniors this year. Which means they don't even start school until the end of the week. It just seems so very strange to me to say that Friday is the first day of school. Don't ask me to explain this, we have had this strangeness all of their high school years and since we are on the last 2 there isn't a point to complain or wonder "WHY". 
As for me.... this is the first year EVER! that I have had the wonderful experience to stay home and enjoy the quietness of the house :) Happy Me :)... My plan for this day, you may ask??? Drink coffee and spin and knit>>>>>>>>>>> 
Luke & Cameron 16 years old
Me, Myself, and My Fiber
YEAH ME! Thats what I say! Happy Days are here again. Oh I know that looking for work is so very important, but I believe that God wants me to have this day to chill. Voice of reason, YAHOO!


ChelleC said...

HattieMae, you enjoy this day thoroughly. Thoroughly you hear?

Can you believe how quickly they grow up? These are your last 2? They are handsome boys.

I love your plan to spin and knit all day. Sounds like heaven to me. Yip.

HattieMae said...

ChelleC, Yes these are my last 2, however the other 2 still live at home. Thats ok, its still fun to have a full house. These 2 are my twins and yes they are a handsome pair! Thank you for your kind comments :) Happy Spinning, so far today I have plyed and now started a new bobbin of fun fiber, Merino Super Wash/Bamboo/Nylon :)