Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
New Found Love

Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
Wish for Summer

Sunday, August 7, 2011

July Has Gone! Oh My Its August!!

Slouchy Little Hat
Where on earth has the time gone!? I can't even believe that it's already August and my poor Blog has been ignored.
June and July just blew past me. June was cold and rainy here in Eugene and July wasn't looking much better until the last few weeks came to an end. It has taken way too long for Summer to find us in Eugene. 
The sun has been amazing for about a week here. My strawberries and raspberries are finally starting to appear. 
My New Jenkins Turkish Spindle & Mohair Locks
I have been spinning and knitting outside every day. In fact I have a chair that is in the perfect spot so I can see my little garden and watch the birds flitter around me. When I'm needing a knitting or spinning break I'm not worried about a rain cloud raining on my knitting or wheel. It just sits there all day long waiting for me to give it the attention it needs. 
Oh how I love this feeling of endless Summer! 
Spinning during the Tour<> Spinning Alpaca/Silk!!

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