Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose

Cloud Nine Rose
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall? Really??

It's Fall! Yes!? But its almost 100 degrees out! Whats up with Global Warming???
Ok well here in Eugene, its HOT! Good thing that I have air conditioning, so I can knit and spin at will.
I have been able to finish my shawl from the Mystery KAL of Stephen West, Earth & Sky. I used all of my hand-spun yarn. I used a mixture of Abstract Fibers Alpaca and Silk, Dicentra's fiber of merino and tussah and a beautiful braid of merino and silk blend from Laura at Textiles A Mano here in Eugene.
I'm really very happy with how it all turn out. I do have to say that I may be changing the bind off, as it's too tight and doesn't drape as I had hoped it would. Laura suggested I use the Orenburg Lace bind off which is designed to be very loose and drapey for a shawl. 
I'm going to enjoy Fall. Seems that Summer took a very long time to come to us this year. I got a job, so I'm working 3 days a week for now. We are preparing to paint our house, so this will fill all the other days. I really hoped to have had more time before going back to work. However I have learned to follow what comes my way. This is where I will be for now. 
My twins have just started their senior year in high school with hope of a shinning future on their minds. I sure wish I had that kind of energy again!
I really must say that I am starting Fall with peace in my heart, feel fear is far away. I'm happy with how my Summer has happened. Joy is all around me in all that I see and do. I thank my friends who are numerous and kind, for their support and love through all I do. 
On to Fall we go!

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