Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working Interview

Well yesterday was the first time I have worked since June 30th! I did what we call a working interview in the dental field. 
I have to say that the day I spent in this office was probably the least stressful work day I have had in years!!! 
They had a gal there that did all the sterilization and clean up! Oh my goodness was I spoiled by the end of the day! Have to say my legs and feet did not hurt at the end of the day and I didn't feel like I had roller skates on all day. 
I believe God is Good! I really am praying that they will hire me. 
Its between me and another lady that has work as a fill in for them so they wanted to give her first choice. I think thats nice of them. She may not take it due to the fact she lives 20 miles from the office. From my drive way it's 11 1/2 miles. Nice country drive. The office is located in a little scandinavian town. The building is a cute little house nicely redone and decorated. Its very homey and cozy. Its set in a nice little neighborhood across from a park.
So now the thing to do is pray, pray, pray! 
Other good thing is I will have knitting time! They work M,T,Th,F.Wednesday nights are my knitting group night, woohoo!
Like I said GOD IS GOOD :)


ChelleC said...

That is wonderful HattieMae! The idea of a "working interview" is excellent. How smart of them to have such a thing. That way you get to see if you like them and are a good fit for the position and vice versa. I'm praying that position works out for you if it is meant to be - and if not, perhaps they'll keep you in mind when another spot opens up?

HattieMae said...

ChelleC, thanks for the kind words, I will find out next week. I sure hope it happens. I love being at home, but when my husbands unemployment runs out we will just have mine. Since I'm the one with the certificate and license it only makes since that I get the more higher paying job... He works retail so jobs are few and far between right now in our area.