Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet Summer Time!
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Cloud Nine Rose
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Oscar Meyer WienerMobile Adventure

I usually try and keep my posts to comments about knitting, spinning and some family stuff. Please forgive me today as this is all about a Wiener Mobile.
We were told by our very good friends that the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile would be in our area this week. Knowing the reaction that my strange and delightful teenage boys would have, we knew we had to take on this awesome adventure!
As soon as swim practice was over, in fact a bit early because Cameron told the coach that they had to leave early because of a church function! They drove over to the local Fred Meyer to view the greatness of a wiener! The Wiener Mobile turned off the freeway right in front of them! Oh my goodness! I was driving behind them and watch them yelling and jerking around like a bunch of 2 year olds! ( they are 17!)
We followed to the Fred Meyer parking lot and the boys were the first to arrive right behind that wiener! They were so happy to finally meet their dream... The biggest wiener in the world... Ok, ok one of 6. 
The rest is history... they got to sit ShotBun in the wiener and even got to get their own wiener whistle! Oh the joy of being a teenage boy with a wiener whistle!
Back to the lie that was told to the swim coach about leaving early for church.... Well coach found out from someone where they were going, first thing he said was I'm going to check out this "church"... he arrived and BUSTED the boys. He had a great sense of humor about it asking "Well, were are the free hot dogs? I'm hungry!"

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Liz said...

OMG. You're too cute.